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The Baby Guide: Sleep


When we were about to welcome our second child, I was worried how our 22 month old would act and feel. I reached out to Katie with my concerns hoping for some insight. Not only did she reassure me it’s normal to feel this way, she gave me great tips and set the expectation that it might be tough but our daughter will get through it. Well to say she was spot on would be an understatement. Thank you for helping us get through this adjustment!

Olivia B.

Katie went out of her way to respond to a message from me as I was 2 months into no sleep with a toddler running around. Within 2 days of watching her stories and implementing them with my 2 month old we made huge improvements in his sleep which translated it a happier baby (and then obviously a happier and more present momma)! I was so thankful for what she posted for the public on her stories but then the rapid response to my message and willingness to help! I could not be more thankful!

Jenn W.

Katie gave me amazing advice and the push I needed to sleep train my little one. Ever since I did exactly what she said, my daughter is an AMAZING sleeper. I thank her every night!

Tiffany R.

Despite you being a stranger to myself, my kids, my life you took the time to read my struggles and my questions about baby sleep. You provided emotional support and great advice that HAS helped me and my baby. You are awesome!!


Katie you have been a huge help to us! FTM here and completely flying blind. Katie has helped us set realistic expectations, helped us set a schedule and made me have some confidence in myself. Being a new mom is hard and stressful and sometimes lonely, Katie always answered my messages and gave me the optimism and confidence I needed. Feels like we’ve known her forever and hope to meet her one day! Thank you Katie.

Michelle J.

Katie is so kind and sweet. She helped me get my 1 year old to finally sleep in his crib and sleep through the night. Very detailed and didn’t make me feel judged talking to her about my concerns transitioning him!

Christina H.

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