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About Me

My Background

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m a Nanny and Advanced Newborn Care Specialist with over 13 years of professional experience.

I'm a Texas A&M graduate currently pursuing a Masters degree in School Counseling, and a former preschool teacher! I’ve worked as a nanny all over the US- Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and beyond, and currently work as a travel/tour nanny in Nashville, TN. In the past three years we’ve visited 20+ states and 5+ countries all with a toddler (or three) in tow.

Understanding children has always come naturally to me (you can always find me at the kids table at a party) but I’ve continued to educate myself a lot over the years through child development and child psychology courses, newborn care specialist training, countless parenting books, and hands on experience. I love all things baby and toddler behavior. Let me help you figure out what's going on with those crazy kiddos!

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